Outdoor Seattle Activities in August and September

The transition from summer to fall is probably one of my favorite times of year.  I love the warm days and cool evenings.  I also love the extended accessibility to be outside! If you are feeling stuck in a rut with summer or are new to the area, here are some fun Seattle area explorations … Continue reading Outdoor Seattle Activities in August and September

The Wine Regions of WA State

Cows, wheat, orchards and wine! Layered with apple orchards, entrenched in wheat farming, milk and cattle production, wine production in Washington began in the mid 1970’s.  Wine still relatively new in the scheme of agriculture output for Washington State and the region has a finite supply of water for irrigation.  Quality over bulk quantity is … Continue reading The Wine Regions of WA State

A Day with the Giovanett’s & Castelfeder Winery

We arrived in the Cortina village square at dusk after driving over the Brenner Pass in Austria and then down through the Alps, over Bozen (Bolzano). There was an old castle ruin on top of a mountain peak every turn of the way. We were in the northern Italian region of Alto Adige, but the … Continue reading A Day with the Giovanett’s & Castelfeder Winery

An Interview with Peter Devison, Winemaker at Efeste

Peter Devison pictured with Theresa Slechta, Vinum Imports Peter Devison is the current winemaker at the acclaimed WA winery Efeste, following the big personality (& winemaking prowess) tenure of Brennan Leighton. The two are friends and Brennan actually hand-picked Peter to take over at Efeste when he left a year ago. Peter said that when … Continue reading An Interview with Peter Devison, Winemaker at Efeste

Chocolate & Wine for Valentine’s

Janet Shimada’s beautiful, award-winning Cadeaux Chocolates (above) As with food, when pairing wines with chocolate, match lighter-flavored chocolates with lighter-bodied wines, and more “intense” flavored chocolates with more full-bodied wines. When pairing wine with chocolate, you can look for wines with have the same flavor profile as the chocolate (nutty, cherry, other fruit, mint, etc.), … Continue reading Chocolate & Wine for Valentine’s

Australia ~ Day 3 (the hottest, with 27 stickies)

Jens’ trip continues … the hottest day on the trip (and of the year according to the locals!): We took off from the Butter Factory (Strathbogie Ranches) — without seeing any snakes, but one really big (~ 4” in diameter), gentle spider in Rob’s bedroom — for a 2-hour ride northeast to meet one of … Continue reading Australia ~ Day 3 (the hottest, with 27 stickies)

When Zinfandel is called for

I am a big fan of Cook’s Illustrated.  It’s somehow soothing to read.  No ads, lots of hand drawn pictures, and plenty of good, well-written material on how hobby cooks like myself can avoid recipe pitfalls or use shortcuts to end up with the same results as Julia Child.  They put out several supplemental publications … Continue reading When Zinfandel is called for

Portalis Explores! ~ Wine Club Archives

APRIL 2018 | Southern France If you have a look at the French Mediterranean, vineyards are not far away — Provence is directly on the sea, with Southern Rhône just to the northwest, and Languedoc-Rousillon runs from Montpellier down to the Spanish border. This month’s wines are selections from two of these areas. Both wines … Continue reading Portalis Explores! ~ Wine Club Archives

Food+Wine Archives

Posted 6/8/2012 BBQ Chicken & Wine It’s finally June! That long awaited month that finally signals the start of summer, warmer weather, sun drenched days, and outdoor parties. Possibly poolside if you happen to be so lucky. Food wise, this means one thing: Barbeque. I’m not going to get into the barbeque competitions that seem … Continue reading Food+Wine Archives