Varietal Focus: Melon de Bourgogne | Muscadet

Melon de Bourgogne | Muscadet

Zesty and crisp white wines in the Atlantic end of the Loire Valley. Originally cultivated in Burgundy, the vines are now only found in the Loire Valley as of the end of the 18th century.  It is a  a cross between Pinot blanc and Gouais blanc.

Tart Lemon and lime, green apple and pear, occasional under ripe white peach and nectarine.  Aromas of faint white flowers, subtle notes of herbs such as dandelion greens, nettles, savory herbs, peppery greens, turnip/root vegetable.  When vinified Sur Lie, notes of leesy, yeast, sourdough, sour beer, slight cream.

Classically High Minerality, Saline/Brine, Sea Salt, Wet Stones    Seafood!  Oyster, shellfish, white fish (sea or river). Fresh greens and fruits, goat cheeses.  Or as an aperitif.


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