FOOD + WINE_ Northern Italy

Northern Italy

The north west corner of Italy is Valle d’Aosta.  Influences for Valle d’Aosta, a very mountainous  area at the base of the Alps, would be Alsace and Germany more so than on would think.  CABBAGE FLAN (Valle d’Aosta) Pair with the local Nebbilo (aka Picotendro)

Trentino Alto Adige was greatly impacted by the German occupation with a solid portion of their cuisine, language and wine varietals germanic.  RADICCHIO WITH SPECK (Trentino Alto Adige)  Pair with local Vernatsch or Lagrein

Friuli, bordering on Slovenia is greatly impacted by its eastern neighbors with meat driven stews,  breads and soups. FRICO with asparagus tips and quail eggs (Friuli).  Pair with  Colli Orientali del Friuli DOC white

Where does one start with Piedmont cuisine? It is so diverse- truffles, salumi, rissotto, pastas, seafood, squash blossom, meats.  It seems endless.  Perhaps that is why the anitpasti was designed!  AGNOLOTTI (Piedmont)  Start with Roero Arneis, then pair with a Nebbilo– your choice which style.

Directly on the Mediterranean Sea we find Liguira, where everything is simple and fresh.  No wonder that is the birth home of pesto! TRENETTE WITH PESTO (Liguria)  Obviously, you can’t miss out on Cinque Terra.

In the center of Northern Italy, one finds Lombardy- a melting pot of Northern Italian cuisine and culture and of course, Milan.  A cornucopia of delights- but this one is the most traditional:   RISSOTO ALLA MILANESE  (Lombardy)   Pair with Franciacorta, of course.

Veneto in comparison to Lombardy and Piedmont- takes the cake for diversity through cultures.  On the Adratic sea, and centuries of battles and wars, Veneto’s cuisine reflects generations just as much as the varietals grown in each region.  Rice reigns over pasta!  However a very classic Veneto dish would be PASTA E FAGIOI (Veneto) — Enjoy with a Soave or if you need a red- Bardolino or Valpolicella Classico.




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