FOOD + WINE: Southern Italy


Known as leaf eaters, partially because the soil is so fertile and abundant, Campania is home to fresh vegetable dishes and street food- specifically pizza!  The cuisine is also seafood based and  famous for dessert!  Gelato!!  PIZZA NAPOLETANA (Campania)  Pair with Falanghina

Peperoncino, pork, and pasta- well, maybe not that simple!  However, wheat and meat are prime, as is walnuts, spice and cheese. GUANCIALE  (“bacon”) pasta (Basilicata)  Pair with Aglianico!

The boot’s heel of Italy, Apulia (Puglia) is rolling gentle hills with grazing livestock.  Cuisine is seafood, soups, stews, rice and uniquely shaped pasta, like orecchiette.
ORECCHIETTE  “little ears” with broccoli (Puglia) Pair with Negroamaro or Chardonnay

Hearty vegetables, porcini, beans, citrus, figs and seafood!!  Pastas are made in fun and funky shapes too.  Can’t miss this: SWORDFISH WITH CAPERS AND LEMON (Calabria) Pair with a fresh Greco!

Sicily is heavily influenced by Greek and Arab cuisine. Blood oranges and nuts are also very common.  As with most of Italy, pasta reigns supreme. Here is a classic:
PASTA ALLA NORMA (Sicily)   Pair with Nero d’Avola

Most cuisine is roasted over open spits in Sardegna.  An island off the Mediterranean coast of Italy,  they love pasta of all styles, meats and above all- seafood!
DUMPLINGS WITH TUNA AND BOTTARGA (Sardegna)  Pair with a fresh Vermintino


Cheers-  Jaci


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