FOOD + WINE: Central Italy

Central Italy

Emilia Romagna, as many other Italian, is known internationally for its cured meats and aged  cheeses.  As a region, its cuisine specialties is pasta and though I could have chosen several,  Ravioli won.  PUMPKIN RAVIOLI (CAPPELLACCI) (Emilia Romagna) Pair this dish specifically with Lambrusco, though a Pignoletto would be just as delightful

Local focus, simplicity and elegance with dramatic flavors- that’s Tuscany.  I was blessed to work for a local Chef who immersed himself into Tuscan cuisine from the early start of his career as well as lived in Volterra with his wife, Michelle.  His wild boar dish is internationally known, as well as his been soup.  So I leave this delight here: WILD BOAR WITH BEANS (Tuscany)  Pair with a killer Super Tuscan and call a cab.

Rustic, local and meat driven, Umbria is known for stews, truffles, prochetta, chestnuts and pasta.  Also the source of most of Italy’s dried pasta and olive oil export.  TAGLIATELLE WITH TRUFFLES (Umbria) — Pair with Sagrantino

In Marche, similar to Liguria, you are at the sea.  But the Adriatic sea and in a very hot climate! Another region  of meat cuisine- fresh and local or cured, featured, however the seafood stews are the prize.  FISH SOUP WITH SOFT ASCOLANE OLIVES (Le Marche)  Pair with Verdicchio

Lazio is the home of Rome. Sophistication, elegance and a plethera of meats, fresh seafood, pasta and starchy dishes. Salt cod, mussels, fresh lamb and gnocchi are all staples.  Yet this is Lazio at its roots:  BUCATINI WITH AMATRICIANA SAUCE (Lazio) Pair with Cesanese or Canialolo

Mountainous and seaside Adriatic, Abruzzo focus is hearty, simplicity and spices!  Saffron is common.  Clever cuisine such as cheese and egg meatballs >> Yum!
CACIO E UOVA “Lamb with cheese and egg” (Abruzzo) Pair with Montepulciano

Rustic, hand made and fresh, Molise cuisine is not dissimilar to Abruzzi- partialy because they were one region until the 1970’s!  One can not ignore this popular dish, found on the coast in any  central or southern Italian region.
SPAGHETTI WITH FRESH ANCHOVIES (Molise) Pair with Sangiovese

Cheers!  Jaci


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