Côte Chalonnaise | Burgundy, France


South of Côte d’Or, we find the Côte Chalonnaise  nestled between the Dheune and Grosne Valleys.  It extends south, opening to softer landscapes layered with soils with more sand and flinty clay.  The rift valley known as the Bresse Trench has limestone slopes  in the North and the granitic block formation at Bissey in the South.  As we move further south, we begin to find diversity in varietals, such as Pinot Gris and Aligoté.


Bouzeron is the first commune with the production of Aligoté, a white blending varietal which expresses warm Braeburn apples, white flowers with a medium body and pleasing citrus acid finish.   Rully produces both Classic Burgundian red and white wines.  The Chardonnay age impeccably with rich fullness, expressive fruit (such as quince) and floral tones.  The Pinot Noir has cooked cherries, chewy tannins and suggestive notes of licorice and vineyard flowers.  It was also the 19th-century birthplace of sparkling wines in Burgundy, and the center of Crémant de Bourgogne AOPMercurey is similar to Rully however the reds tend to be a bit more herbaceous, and the whites have a touch more spice.  Mercurey’s output alone accounts for roughly two-thirds of the entire Côte Chalonnaise.  Givry‘s reds are structured, with gamey notes underlying the blackberries and cherries.  The whites have more lemon citrus infused with white floral nuances. Montagny is 100% Chardonnay.  These whites are elegant, floral, flinty at times with ripe pear and white peach notes.

Happy drinking!
Jaci Kajfas, Sommelier
Manager, Portalis Wine Shop

Info and Image Credit
Many thanks to Wine Folly for allowing the public use of their wine maps!


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