Barbaresco | Barolo

Barbaresco | Barolo

Two villages in Langhe Piedmont Italy–  They always produce 100% Nebbiolo, however each area is a touch different.  Therefore the expression of the grape is also unique.

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Barbaresco Langhe Piedmont  — Barbarescos are feminine- rose petals, soft earth, with vivacious cherry expression! But don’t be fooled- this wine is still a gorgeous powerhouse.

  • located south of the Tanzano river and north east of Barolo in the Langhe region. Though impacted by the cooling mists from the Alps, there is a mediating maritime factor for early ripening that allows for a riper and less tannic expression.
  • soil consists of calcareous marl
    3. 100% Nebbiolo
  • aged 24 months prior to release with 9 months in oak
  • region originates back to 1894 but popularity only arose in the 1950’s thanks to Gaja and Giacoso.

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Barolo Langhe Piedmont — Barolos are powerful- leather, musky pine forest earth, tobacco leaves, truffle, dried roses, and cured cherries!

  • located on the Monferrato hillside- never in the valley or flats and 1.9 miles southwest of Barbaresco
    2. soil consists of a mixture of sand, calcareous marl and clay; with communes La Morra and Barolo showing more calcareous marl similar to Barbaresco
  • 100% Nebbiolo
    4. aged 38 months prior to release with 18 months in oak
  • originally created as a sweet wine for nobility- the late 1800’s turned toward dryer wines. The highly tannic Barolo area Nebbiolo found success with aging.

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