Premier Vineyard Tours with Gina Gregory!

Gina Gregory | Premier Vineyard Tours

Established in 2009, Premier Vineyard Tours offers bi-annual exclusive tours to Tuscany and Piedmont, Italy.  Gina Gregory developed the concept of tour while managing Portalis Wine Shop and Bar in 2007.  With local distributor connections she was blessed to immerse herself into the world of wine and wine making.  Once working at Portalis, she realized that the many people were craving more than the typical in and out hustle of a wine tour, but the true essence of what and why we fall in love with this culture.

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The culture of wine is about community.  And as Gina developed relationships with guests here in the States- sharing stories about their trips to Italy vs her adventures- she surmised that their experiences could be greatly enhanced by the local touch of small producers and cooperatives.  They may not possess marketing gurus, wine directors, tasting room manager and tour guides… but they do possess the love of wine making and the creation thereof.  So onward to adventures we go…

Keeping with the concept of community, locals and vineyards, Gina, her business partner Kimberly Chilcutt, and her husband have been offering tours for the last six plus years.  Intimate, informative and selective.  Producers range from small to large however all of them are family owned.  Gina spent a great deal of time and research selecting restaurants, wineries and even routes to ensure that her tour guests would have a remarkable memory.  Not the rush into a wine tasting, rush out to a van, rush to this and that.

When she began, tours were primarily Tuscany (Italy) as it is a mecca for wine tourism and that was where a lot of her research had been focused.  Piedmont, though the hub of transportation between Austria, France and Eastern Europe, was not as well developed.  Focus is on locals, community and wine… but tourism?  Yes! Piedmont was not as well established for accommodations as Tuscany, but Gina took the challenge with her local contacts and has been offering tours to Piedmont as well.  Now she is proud to announce that they will be purchasing a home in Piedmont her own accommodations after renovations to a local farmhouse in the Asti and Alba regions.

Gina’s concept of embracing the culture of wine- community- and offering it to her guests is beginning to flourish.  Well nurtured and thought out, the tours are crafted to experience the community not the tourism.  After she establishes her plans, she will be interested in expanding beyond Piedmont and Tuscany, however- not without much research and making the connections with her locals!

We are honored to share Gina’s story, as it reflects our own philosophy- the culture of wine is about community.  Embrace it!

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