Outdoor Seattle Activities in August and September

The transition from summer to fall is probably one of my favorite times of year.  I love the warm days and cool evenings.  I also love the extended accessibility to be outside! If you are feeling stuck in a rut with summer or are new to the area, here are some fun Seattle area explorations to attend to.

Kayaking and paddle boarding is a fun adventure that you can explore here in the city with minimal time commitment.  If you are wanting lake action, I suggest:  Agua Verde Paddle Club – and make sure to leave time for delicious beverages and food from Agua Verde; or  Lake Union NWOC.  For Ballard:  Surf Ballard and Salmon Bay Paddle – lunch or dinner in Ballard is pretty easy.  KISS Cafe is the on the way stop for deli sandwiches and killer salads.  West Seattle is all about Alki Kayak, a great lunch stop would be Pecado Bueno or the Husky Deli.  If you are not able to be that active but still enjoy the water, the folks at Argosy Lakes Cruise Lake Union are excellent hosts!


Outdoor Music and Random Events
Seattle is teaming with amazing artists. Besides the super cool Pianos in the Park, which ends on August 16th, you should make time for:

Or if you are looking for something with a bit more chaos  Ballard’s Viking Days are coming up on as well as Pyramids Tomatobattle!


Mountains and Trails
Our beautiful region wouldn’t be what it is without the mountains, trees and trails.  For out of Seattle area adventures- free park days are:

Or in Seattle, my favorites are Seward Park, Lincoln Park, Carkeek Park and Discovery Park for excellent day hiking.   But check out the Parks and Recreation page for all of the amazing spaces we share.
You can always jump on a bike and enjoy the Burke Gilman Trail–  I’ll never forget my first time biking on this trail.  Traveling from Golden Gardens all the way to Woodinville is exhilarating.    Or just take a short ride to Fremont, Ballard or the U-District.  Here are some other stories!

parks_ burke gilman

Not in the mood for a long trip to the east side?  Explore the local breweries and the food trucks these days are killer.  Beyond Woodinville we have Seattle area wineries.  The Seattle Urban Wineries links to their tasting hours.

There is still plenty more to do this summer and into the fall.  We will be here at Portalis after your adventures for tastings or your chilled bottle of wine and beer for dinner!

All the Best!

Sommelier, wine + food writer