Rosé & Thanksgiving, a Perfect Pair!

BLOG_Rose & Thanksgiving_Nov 2013
Rosé has built up a lovely following of fair-weathered friends, and who’s to argue? What could be more refreshing than a crisp yet still fruity, cool refreshing glass of coral colored wine (with the sun shining through!)?  What has gotten overlooked in this weather-based attachment is that rosé ranks as perhaps the quintessential food wine.  It, literally, can pair with everything, even a big fat juicy steak. Now we’re not suggesting that it’s superior to a big tannic red, but it’s decent with the steak & it’s delightful with the side salad (unlike that massive Cab).

What is rosé? Rosé is made from red grapes, although there are other methods of rosé wine production that combine red &white wines (this is an illegal process in France and generally looked down upon as a way of producing this kind of wine). The most common way of producing rosé is due to skin contact with the juice. The skins are allowed to ferment with the rest of the juice for a certain period of time (usually one to three days). The longer the skins are left in contact with the juice, the darker and more vibrant the color in the final rosé wine. To extract the skins for the juice, the mash is pressed. (In red wine making, the skins are left in during the entire fermentation process, leading to tannic wines).

Why is it such a good food wine? Rosé wine is slightly more robust than most white wines, and its acidity is a little softer than most whites, making it rounder and more flexible with respect to food. That said, Thanksgiving can be a tricky meal for wine & a beautifully made, well-balanced rosé would make a wonderful pair to the demands of a gamey-salty-sweet traditional Thanksgiving meal.

Here are some of our favorites, including several rosé sparkling wines:

Label_FR_Barbanau 2011
Chateau Barbanau 2011 L’Instant Rosé
Reg $22.99 | INSIDER $21.99 | Mixed Case $17.59
From the classic rosé region, Provence, Château Barbanau has been family owned for over a hundred years with Sophie & Didier Simonini-Cerciello currently at the helm.  Made from 90% Grenache & 10% Syrah, this rosé has a bright clear blush color with a nose of red fruits with white floral notes & peach flesh. Fresh, with great finesse, full & fleshy. Has never met a food it doesn’t pair perfectly with. We’re down to our last bottles, so make your move quickly if interested.

Label_FR_Croix Bouquie Rose
Domaine de La Croix Bouquie 2010 Rosé
Reg $15.99 | INSIDER $14.99 | Mixed Case $11.99
This young domaine is owned by Alpha Loire, a trio of friends who combine their passion for wine with sustainable farming. Pineau d’Aunis, also known as Chenin Noir, is often used to make sparkling wines or in this case a very unique rosé. Pale pink with flavors of strawberry & rhubarb, this has a round soft finish. Pair with spicy ethnic foods, seafood, BBQ …or roasted turkey! One of our best selling rosé.

Label_IT_Montecchiesi Selverello Rose_no frame
Tenuta Montecchiesi 2011 Selverello Sangiovese Rosato

Reg $15.99 | INSIDER $13.99 | Mixed Case $11.19
The Dal Cero family based in the Veneto also own and operate this small estate in Tuscany. Tenuta Montecchiesi vineyards are located near Cortona. Made from 100% Sangiovese this rosé has brief skin contact resulting in its vivid pink hue. Fruity and rich with notes of ripe mixed berries, it is great with all meals. A few highlights are cold meats and delicate fish dishes & fowl dishes, either stewed or grilled.

Label_IT_Tenuta di Corte Giacobbe_Blush_4_no frame
Tenuta di Corte Giacobbe 2011 Pinot Grigio Ramato (Blush)
Reg $17.99 | INSIDER $15.99 | Mixed Case $12.79
Okay, so this wine is not technically a rosé as it’s 100% Pinot Grigio, but it sure looks & acts like one! Produced by the Dal Cero family, it’s created according to the ancient tradition of the Republic of Venice, leaving the wine in contact with skins for 12 hours, creating this beautiful copper colored wine. Aromas of exotic fruits with sweet white flowers. Lush & velvety on the palate. People love this wine & it would be a great addition to any Thanksgiving table!

Label_IT_La Farra Rosé_no frame
La Farra Rosé Cuvée
Reg $17.99 | INSIDER $14.99 | Mixed Case $11.99
The Nardi family, specializing in high quality Prosecco, has their winery in the village of Farra di Soligo. This exceptional sparkling rosé is made from mostly glera grapes with a touch of Raboso (red grapes) for color. Dry and superbly soft, it’s full of structure and is a perfect aperitif or Thanksgiving dinner wine. Saluté!

Label_AU_Prechtl Schaumwein_no frame
Weingut Prechtl Pinot Noir Sparkling

Reg $19.99 | INSIDER $18.99 | Mixed Case $15.19
Petra & Franz Prechtl own & run this 15 hectare estate (established 1839). This dry sparkling Pinot Noir is a lip-smacking opportunity to impress at your next occasion. Pale copper/pink hues, vibrant with notes of strawberries & cherries followed by a soft creamy finish! A perfect match with rich fish, roasted game or poultry or to quench a spicy dish. Prost!

The Portalis team would love to hook you up with these wines or any other wines that would be of interest to you for your upcoming Thanksgiving feast, so please stop by!

Julie & Jens