Celebrating 10 Years of Portalis!

Portalis_Sign_cropped_smYes, on August 8, 2003, Portalis opened its doors to the public. At that time we were located up the street at 5310 Ballard Ave, next to the empty Wilson Ford building (anyone remember that?). The name Portalis is Latin for portal or entry way, Jens’ idea for the entry to his world of wine. (Graphic designers Sonya Kopetz & Jason Bolich created an award-winning logo that did a brilliant job of eliciting this feeling of history & tradition.)

The idea behind the shop+bar was to create an intimate, comfortable, unpretentious venue where people at all levels of wine knowledge could meet to taste, learn & buy wine. The value of the local wine merchant was our bet, and it has paid off. Thank you to all of our wonderful patrons through the years. Our first 10 years have been a great ride, and we look forward to another 10!  Enjoy these photos of Portalis, our employees, our winemaking guests & our patrons through the years:

The Buildouts (first one in 2003 & again at the end of 2005):

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The Employees:

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The Events & the Guests:

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The Food:

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The Art:

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It’s been a great ride! Come celebrate with us on Sat, Aug 24 & Sun, Aug 25 with two all day, multi-station, round-the-world, celebratory wine tastings. Stay tuned for details. As well, we’ll have some featured wines on close-out sales to say thanks for your patronage!

Cheers & thank you!
Portalis Wines


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