Staff “Dream Picks” for the 2012 Holiday Season

Three years ago I asked this question: If you could have any wine in the shop as a gift this December, which one would it be & why?  I decided it was time to pose the question again…

BLOG_Staff Dream Wines_2012_Gina_445
Gina: What I wish Santa would bring me?? Pelassa 2007 Barolo! Why? I have such fond memories of my visit to this beautiful region and the gracious family that toils over the land to produce this world-class stunner! It has hints of rich balsamic in the nose with layers of black cherry & elegant tannins. A refined Barolo young, but what keeps you smiling with every sip is that you can taste its potential down the road…it is anything but tame! Plus ~ it would drink just dandy with our Christmas meal : ) So please Santa…

BLOG_Staff Dream Wines_2012_Karli_445
Karli: The most religious of all wines: Chateauneuf du Pape! I’d pick: Domaine de Marcoux 2010

BLOG_Staff Dream Wines_2012_Sky_445
Sky: The biggest one you’ve got from Australia: John Duval!

BLOG_Staff Dream Wines_2012_Tracey_v2_445
Tracey: You know what I’m going to pick; the same thing I picked 3 years ago: Champagne. If I could have any bottle, I’d go with:  Michel Turgy NV Reserve Champagne Blanc de Blancs

BLOG_Staff Dream Wines_2012_Jens_445
Jens: I’m going with Bordeaux. I could pick any wine I wanted to import via J. Strecker Selections and I picked: Château Franc Grâce-Dieu 2009 St-Emilion Grand Cru.  To be honest, I didn’t know its pedigree.  I was tasting through a lot of wine last spring when I was in Europe and I knew immediately this wine was killer for the price. But just in case you’re into predigree, it has a 300+ year history of winemaking and is located near Château Figeac (truly one of the greats in my opinion) and 2 kilometers down the road from Cheval Blanc. It’s prime real estate, and this wine with its lightly toasted flavors overlaying black currant & blackberries with a touch of pencil lead, ceder. Complex, well-balanced. It is a fantastic wine!

BLOG_Staff Dream Wines_2012_JJ
JJ: Wow, that’s a tough one! Well, I really am in love with the Castelfeder Lagrein for obvious reasons, but if I get to step it up a notch, I’d go with the Sineann Pinot Noir! I love a lot of the Sineann wines for their relatively small production, hand harvesting of old vines, and their tremendous passion for producing a consistent high-end product.

BLOG_Staff Dream Wines_2012_Travis_445
Travis: Red Burgundy. Gérard Raphet 2006 Gevrey-Chambertin 1er Cru. The perfect food wine; fruit & acid are well-balanced.

There you have it!

Happy holidays & cheers,