Killer Cuvée, a Washington Wine Thriller by Steve Wells

When I asked author, Steve Wells, how he got the idea to write a wine-based murder mystery, he started with the old adage:  To make a small fortune in wine, you need to start with a large one.  After moving on from a long career in the high tech world, he followed some personal interests: studying nonfiction writing at the University of Washington as well as winemaking at South Seattle Community College. He interned at DeLille and loved the experience, but after looking at the business-side of running a wine business while in school, he thought that writing about it might capture all of his interests and be more lucrative as well.

After determining his path, he set out to write this book with two goals in mind: capturing the essence of winemaking through the telling of the story and creating engaging, interesting characters to take us on this wine adventure, full of intrigue & romance.

We are pleased to host Steve next Sunday, September 23 from 12-3pm for a book signing for his new release: Killer Cuvée.   The book signing will coincide with our regular Sunday tasting (during the Ballard Farmers Market).  What will we be tasting?  You guessed it:  Washington Cuvées!

In the meantime, if you want a little tickler on Killer Cuvée:
Eric Savage loves his new life as a small artisanal winemaker in Walla Walla, Washington. A painful divorce and a corporate career are but distant memories as Eric settles into the rhythm of small town living. Abruptly, his agreeable life and passion for winemaking are upended by a mysterious murder and accusations that Eric is guilty of the crime. A killer is on the loose, and Eric is the perfect fall guy.

After eluding police, Eric flies to London and the scene of the crime in a calculated attempt to find the real killer. There he encounters a determined and attractive FBI Agent who has her own reasons for investigating the murder. An attraction between them flourishes as they team up to find the killer. But as the body-count increases, and the killer eludes them, Eric doubts his life will ever be the same.

Authentic scenes of winemaking will interest anyone who has enjoyed a glass of fine wine!

Hope to see you there!