Viva Italia! Announcing the Launch of Premier Vineyard Tours’ 2012 Season!

Photo © Red Box Pictures

Premier Vineyard Tours was founded in 2009 by one of our esteemed Portalis colleagues Gina Gregory as a way to directly connect the consumer with the producer. Gina began this company with the hope that it would bring people closer to a passionate appreciation for Italian wines, as travelling throughout Italy had done for her. A Premier Vineyard Tour introduces an exclusive and unique experience to directly connect with many family-run vineyards in different regions throughout Italy. Not only is there the chance to meet producers, but the opportunity to experience the harvest, and of course there are many opportunities to enjoy the final products! 

Photo © Red Box Pictures

Now in its fourth year, Premier Vineyard Tours is excited to announce its voyage tour into Piedmont! The tour begins in late May, and will include the famous areas of Barolo, Asti, Barbaresco, Alba & Dogliani. Expect to learn the culture by way of your stomach! This region is not only known for wonderful wines, but also for its lovely truffles! More information and pricing are available on their website here.

Photo © Red Box Pictures

So, what specifically might this fabulous tour include? Experiencing how Barbaresco & Barolo wines are made, eating at Michelin star restaurants surrounded by quintessential examples of rolling vineyard hills and ancient churches, having renowned Italian chefs teaching cooking classes on typically Piedmontese cuisine, and most importantly: many, many wine tastings!
As this tour is close to filling, the next upcoming 2012 tour is headed for another Italian wine region; Tuscany! Expect to visit the picturesque communes of Chianti, Montalcino, and San Gimignano. Many of the vineyards here date back hundreds of years (if not more) and several of the sample itinerary sites mentioned dinners in medieval townships dating back to the 14th century!  Expect tours of wineries, tastings galore, and a Tuscan cooking class!

Photo © Red Box Pictures
 There are only a few spots left in the Piedmont tour, and the Tuscan tour is slowly filling up. Be sure you sign up soon if you want to participate in the 2012 Premier Vineyard Tour Season!

 You can read more about Gina & see past tour photos on the Premier Vineyard Tour website.

Photo © Red Box Pictures

Cheers! Gina


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