Brachetto, the sparkly red jewel from Piedmont

Vineyards in the Italian wine region of Brachetto d’Acqui in Piedmont by italo losero

Brachetto does not get enough press here in the US. That could be because it does seem a bit off-putting to the unknowing customer. Brachetto is a sweet, sparkling, RED, wine. It’s served chilled and is low in alcohol. Yes, it does sound a bit like a teenage cocktail, but it is in fact quite delicious.

Brachetto is very rare because it is made exclusively in Piedmont, Italy. It is produced using the ‘secondary fermentation’ method that is also used when making other sparkling wines like Asti Spumate. Yeast and sugar is added to the bottle along with the base wine (pressed juice), and allowed to ferment. The trapped carbon dioxide that normally is released during fermentation is trapped and bubbles are produced.

The Brachetto we import from the Co-operative Vincho & Vaglio Serra has intense raspberry flavors, a musky bouquet, but is still quite light. It’s a perfect celebratory sparkler as it stands out against the usual array of traditional bubbles.

I introduced Brachetto to my family this past Christmas, and it was well received by all 5 extremely opinionated members. It is very easily drinkable, aromatic, and has rich honey undertones.

This is not only a great holiday bottle, but would also be greatly received on Valentine’s Day. Who wouldn’t want their sweetheart to surprise them with a beautiful red sparkler? Great to sip or with a special dessert.  Try it with a fruit tart, wild berries, hazelnut cake or a chocolate soufflé.



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