Brewery Krušovice

When Jens and I lived in Dresden in the mid-90s, we were only an hour away from the Czech border and we regularly would take little day trips into the Czech countryside, enjoy the beautiful scenery, the friendly people and we’d always stop for lunch at a little roadside café and have the local beer & fare.  On one of these days, we landed in Krušovice.  It had a pretty, quiet, little town square and just outside of town, we had a delicious lunch with braised pork, something akin to a knödel and what I remember as a noteworthy beer!  Today you can drink that delicious Schwarzbier at Portalis.  It’s a great food beer:  rich with lots of flavor without being heavy, smooth with a nice malty finish.  Get ready, Chef Tracey’s getting ready to put the perfect food pairing on the menu:  HOMEMADE PORK SAUSAGE with mashed potatoes and caramelized onion & apple … welcome fall!

If you’re interested in learning more about the beer and the brewery, which was established in 1517 by Jiří Birka, here’s MORE>



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