“Uruguay?! They make wine?”

“Uruguay?!” I questioned, last week, as I picked up a wine bottle, “they make wine?” 

Still being somewhat of the new kid on the block, I was unaware that Uruguay produced wine.  Uruguay is not your run of the mill wine exporting country like its relative South American neighbors, Argentina and Chile, which produce and export a vast collection of wine to North America.  This was my first in-counter with Uruguayan wine.  Upon exclaiming my question, I was quickly informed that ‘yes’ Uruguay does produce wine and that their ‘national grape’ is tannat, which I held a bottle of  in my hand.  Further, some really great tannat comes from Uruguay.  Gina went on to tell me that last year we had an Uruguayan tannat in the shop that was, as she says, “DE-lic-IOUS!”  The bottle of last year sold for about $20 a bottle and this bottle, clocking in at only $10.99, made us all a bit wary of this new Uruguayan tannat.
Feeling very curious, I had never had Uruguayan wine, let alone never seen one, and figuring at $10.99 a bottle, I didn’t have much of an investment to lose, so I bought a bottle to try at home.

A few days later, on a mellow Monday night, I decided to give the Uruguayan tannat a try.  And I was pleasantly surprised.  The tannat had a nice strong backbone from the tannin, though less tannic and softer than its sibling French tannat, followed by dark berry fruits of blueberry and blackberry and a hint of warm cinnamon spice in the finish.  For a laid back Monday night pasta dinner, the Uruguayan tannat made a great and affordable easy drinking wine.  Curiosity and novelty drove me to this Uruguayan tannat and after trying, quality and value will keep me coming back to it.  I think it is going to make a regular appearance in my line-up of affordable and enjoyable go-to wines.

Pueblo de Sol 2009 Tannat $10.99 | Mixed Case $8.79 



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