Killer Wine Sales

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The economic downturn has turned up some excellent wine deals.  Supplies are limited on most of these wines and at these prices, suppliers will be out soon, so let us know if you’re interested: 206-783-2007 or or click through and purchase online:

Chateau Mongravey 2004 Margaux (FR) REG $40/Sale $24.99/Case $19.99
When is the last time you got a Margaux for this price? Currently SOLD OUT, but will have more in the shop next week.  Call/email to place your order.

Shannon Ridge 2007 Chardonnay (CA) REG $26/Sale $15.99/Case $12.79
Pear, buttery, nice oak … perfect for lovers of well-done CA Chardonnay.

Four Vines 2008 Naked Chardonnay (CA) REG $16/Sale $13.99/Case $11.19
Unoaked (more French style) from CA; nice seafood wine.

Spindrift Cellars 2006 Pinot Noir (OR) REG $27.50/Sale $23.99/Case $19.19
We’re tasting this wine on Sat, 8/22.  RSVP & come taste for yourself …

Monfil 2004 Cariñena Crianza (SP) REG $19/Sale $15.99/Case $12.79
Fantastic Tempranillo/Garnacha blend, from the lesser known but delicious and well-priced region of Cariñena, smack between Catalunya & Rioja.

Azua 2003 Reserva Bobal
(SP) REG $20/Sale $15.99/Case $12.79
Unusual varietal (have you ever tried Bobal??) for a stunning price.

Castillo De Molina Carmenère (Chilé)REG $15/Sale $11.99/Case $/Case $9.59
Smooth, seductive Carmenère.  Again, a killer price for this wine.

Vietti 2006 Barbera D’Asti Tre Vigne (IT) REG $27/ Sale $22.99/Case $18.39
Classic Barbera house.

Monsupello 2004 I Gelsi Barbera (IT) REG $30/ Sale $17.99/Case $14.39
Complex Barbera from Lombardy. Currently SOLD OUT, but we may be getting more.

Château Vaissière 2005 Minervois (FR) REG $32/ Sale $18.99 /15.19
Deep, dark, wildberries with beautiful, subtle earthiness.

Kumeu River 2005 Chardonnay (NZ) REG $40/Sale $19.99/Case $15.99
One of New Zealand’s cult Chardonnay producers.  If you’ve never had NZ Chardonnay, it’s got some tropical fruit notes (not normally associated with this grape) and this wine is a beautiful, complex sample.

Silverado 2005 Merlot (CA) REG $41/ Sale $25.99 /Case $20.79
Unbelievable price for this Napa powerhouse.

Contributor:  Julie Howe, Co-Owner, Portalis Wines

Wine Pairings for Seafood

Cheers_1_emailIn honor of the Ballard Seafood Fest which took place at the end of July, here are some seafood & wine pairing tips:

Crustaceons (ex: Dungeness Crab)
These little guys tend to be higher in fat and served with lots of butter, so go with a richer white such as Burgundy, especially Chablis (try: Pascal Bouchard 2006 Grande Reserve Chablis $22) or a richer New World white (try: Airfield 2007 Thunderbolt Sauvignon Blanc/Semillon $16.50) or for a little bit crisper white (and to be adventurous) go for an Austrian Gruener Veltliner, a food-friendly white with tropical fruit flavors and the zing of white pepper (try: Leth 2008 Gruener Veltliner Steinagrund $20).

Lean fish (ex: Sole)
This type of fish tends to be delicate and its flavors can be overwhelmed, so go easy on it with a light, crisp white such as Albariño, the classic Spanish fish wine from the NW region of Rias Baixas (try: Nessa 2008 Albariño $16) or a nice Sauvignon Blanc from the Loire Valley, another classic white fish pairing (try: Philippe Raimbault 2007 Sancerre Apud Sariacum $34).

Medium-fat fish (ex: Halibut)
Halibut is firmer and a little richer in flavor and would pair beautifully with the buttery, toasty flavors of a well-done California Chardonnay (try: Heitz Cellar 2007 Chardonnay $23) or a dryer style Chenin Blanc (try: Benedicte De Rycke 2004 Jasnieres $28).

High-fat fish (ex: Salmon & Tuna)
Both of these are fatty, full-flavored, relatively firm fish that call for a wine that can hold its own against these stronger flavors.  We recommend a full-bodied white, a rosé or a lighter red.  A medium-bodied Spanish Tempranillo would be delicious (try: Hacienda Don Ramon 2006 Rioja $17) or a Pinot Noir from Oregon (try: Walnut City Wineworks 2007 Pinot Noir $22).

Enjoy the Seafood Fest and stop by for glass of wine and something good to eat (try: Porcini-encrusted scallops or Shrimp with chorizo, garlic & butter).  Both are on our menu right now.

Julie, Co-Owner
Portalis Wines